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FreightCenter's new parcel shipping service delivers around the world!

Get super-hero fast and affordable parcel service.

  • Domestic & International service
  • Priority service: 1-3 days anywhere in the world
  • Economy service: 4-7 days anywhere in the world

No need to secure an independent broker for your international parcel shipments. Plus, all the paperwork is included with the shipping labels.

Use the form to the right to request a free parcel quote. Not sure whether your shipment should go as parcel or freight? Fill out the form and we'll let you know.

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What’s the difference between parcel and freight?

Parcel shipping is limited to packages that weigh under 150 lb and fit inside a USPS delivery truck. Unlike parcel shipping, freight shipping comes with no weight or size limitations. Freight was born ready for large shipments.

Once used almost exclusively by consumers and small businesses, parcel shipping is catching on with companies that formerly shipped everything as freight. Commercial shippers are learning that they can save money by using both LTL freight AND parcel shipping, rather than just freight shipping.

FreightCenter books parcel and freight shipping, making it easy for businesses to save on both without having to add another vendor.

Compare freight and parcel shipping

Are you shipping freight or parcel?

  • Is your shipment over 150 pounds?
  • Is your shipment more than 108 inches in length?
  • Is your shipment more than 165 inches in both length and girth combined?



Shipping Survival Guide by FreightCenter

Do it all right here

We may be the MVP’s of freight shipping, but we now ship parcel, too. Get your copy of our Shipping Survival Guide and learn how the pros cut corners without jeopardizing service. Come to us for any small package shipping needs you have - domestic or international - and we’ll handle them with just as much attention to detail as we do with your freight shipments. Take advantage of this complete shipping solution so you'll never have to juggle multiple quotes from multiple carriers again. Let FreightCenter handle it all from start to finish. This is the only time we recommend putting all your eggs in one basket. Give us a call at 800-716-7608 or get a quote now to get started!