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Produce Transport Season Tips

April 26, 2022 by FreightCenter
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Produce Transport Season Tips. Spring is in the air and that means it’s time for produce season to get up and running. Many fruits and vegetables have entered their prime growing time of the year, and farmers and food distributors are looking to get their produce out fast and effectively. But when it comes to properly transporting food so it stays fresh and safe, some expert freight guidance can go a long way. We’ve put together a few produce transport season tips to get your food supply chain rolling during the tastiest time of the year.

Temperature-Controlled Produce Transport

No matter who you are, if you’re shipping produce, you’ll need to be utilizing temperature-controlled shipping services to keep your food freight fresh. Everything from optimal packaging practices to knowing which carriers work best for your needs must be decided and executed within your food supply chain.

Truckload shipping handles all the services needed for produce shipping, so that’s the shipping method you’ll want to use. Some of the specialized services you may need include refrigeration shipping, expedited services, full truckload use, freeze protection services and more. Because truckload shipping means you’ll get an entire trailer dedicated to serving only your shipment, so you can move more food and produce, faster.

Getting some freight expert tips for shipping temperature-controlled items can help guide you in the right direction to make the best possible logistical choices for your food supply chain.

Safety First

Of course, shipping produce has its fair share of rules and regulations in place to ensure transported food is shipped safely. The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was enacted to maintain food safety involving transporting produce. Shippers who are moving food want to be sure they are utilizing freight carriers that are compliant with the FSMA and partner with experienced carriers who can regulate the proper temperature for your produce to deliver the quickest time frames required for many food items.

Additional Food Shipping Tips:

  • Make sure all packages are properly sealed.
  • Use the right shipping materials, such as foam insulation and gel packs.
  • Choose a shipping partner that understands produce shipping and food logistics best practices.
  • Pick the type of services you need, such as refrigeration and expedited shipping.

Your Produce Transport Partner Through Thick & Thin

As a produce shipper, you want to know that you’re partnering with the best. The easiest way to transport produce is through the help of a third-party logistics provider (3PL) like FreightCenter. Even during these tasking times for food supply chains everywhere, FreightCenter can help your supply chain keep moving. In fact, FreightCenter has earned multiple recognitions for helping food logistics companies nationwide.

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