Freight shipping support agents

Support from Dedicated Shipping Agents

FreightCenter can assist you with every aspect of the freight shipping process. Our team of experts are here for you every step of the way from quoting to tracking.

When you complete a FreightCenter quote, you're assigned a freight expert to manage your account. Our account managers are dedicated to helping you grow your business. They act as your shipping agent. They're responsible for finding you the best shipping solutions to meet your freight needs. They're also the liaison between you and the carriers.

More than just a freight quote provider

FreightCenter works with a large network of freight carriers. Freight carriers include trucking, rail, air and ocean companies. As a FreightCenter customer, you get access to all the services our carriers offer.

When you complete a quote, you'll receive a list of carriers that meet your shipping needs. Each carrier offers a different combination of service, price and transit time. You get to choose which carrier you want to book with.

If you have trouble deciding which carrier is best suited to your needs, your account manager can help you. They'll also let you know if you've chosen a carrier that might not be as suitable to transport your freight as you thought.

Dealing with a carrier takes time. Time you don't have to waste. Like a shipping agent, your account manager handles anything carrier-related. That includes quoting special services, booking and scheduling, and submitting claims.

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360 Degree Support

Not only will you have the support of a shipping agent, but you'll also have the support of our Customer Care team.

Our Customer Care representatives are like your safety net. Since account managers can sometimes get busy answering questions and assisting clients it helps to have someone else to turn to.

If your account manager isn't available, you can always contact our Customer Care team for immediate assistance.

Need to know the status of your shipment? Want to submit an insurance claim? Need help cancelling a shipment? Our Customer Care team is great at all that and more.

Want to learn more about our shipping agents? Give us a call today at speak to one of our freight experts at 800.716.7608.