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Transportation Companies

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What Are Transportation Companies?

Transportation companies are entities that transport goods, products, and people, and in our particular field, that involves the movement of a lot of freight. Transportation is crucial to the health of the supply chain by maintaining virtually everything we use in our daily lives. These companies often own their assets, and operate airlines, cargo ships, freight trains, tractor trailers, or all of the above.


Logistics are a key component of operating these companies, and logistic professionals are responsible for scheduling and directing the pickup and delivery of the shipments. This is FreightCenter’s place in the transportation industry—as a third party logistics group, we connect shippers to prospective carriers, and handle all the paperwork in between. Think of us as your shipping liaison. You can take advantage of our carrier network and all the benefits that entails (and believe us, there are many!). Get started by getting a free quote or calling one of our expert freight agents at 800.716.7608. Look Up More Freight Terms
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