boxes of personal items prepared for freight shipping

Transportation Companies

Transportation companies are entities that transport goods, products, and people. These companies will operate on land, sea, air, or all of them combined. The transportation industry employs millions of people worldwide. It is credited with maintaining the supply chain of virtually everything we use in our daily lives. Logistics are a key component of operating these companies. Logistic professionals are responsible for scheduling and directing the pickup and delivery of the shipments. Logistics have the ability to manage efficiently the shipments including real time tracking. Information technology has been advancing this industry for the last decade. New abilities to coordinate shipments and scheduling have allowed processes to become more streamlined. These companies may own and operate airlines, cargo ships, freight trains, tractor trailers, or all of the above. Transportation companies might not own any vehicles of transporting at all. Some companies operate as 3PL (Third Party Logistics) or they may own the rail or ports operated from. The largest freight companies in the world are ranked by revenue in sales. These companies are represented by any of the factors of operating in the freight industry. Here are ten of the largest companies operating today,

UPS (United Parcel Service) is the world’s largest package carrier company. They operate in 220 countries delivering over 15 million packages daily. They operate their own airline and air cargo delivery service. The company has a freight division offering LTL and FTL services. They operate thousands of delivery vans to transport the daily pickup and delivery of packages. It has a large tractor-trailer fleet often referred to as “feeders”. UPS contracts with several railroad companies to transport its cargo shipments.

Delta Airlines is a major airline that operates over five thousand flights daily. They service 54 countries with 10 domestic hubs and 3 international hubs.  The company offers a cargo service specializing in DASH critical same day shipping and medical expansion.

Union Pacific is a freight rail company that owns and operates over eight thousand locomotives. They have operations in twenty-three states. The company has the largest railroad network in the United States. There are well over ninety thousand freight cars in service today transporting cars, agriculture, minerals and more.

American Airlines services 50 countries with over six thousand five hundred daily flights. They operate from ten hubs in the US with its primary hub located in Tulsa. They are the nation’s largest passenger carrying airline. The company handles more than 100 million lbs of cargo on a weekly basis. They provide air freight, cargo shipping, and same day shipping.

Deutsche Post better known as DHL serves more than 220 countries worldwide. They handle services such as mail, press, parcels, and retail outlets. The company operates a freight forwarding division that transports goods by sir, sea, rail, and road.

East Japan Railway is a major passenger train company in Japan. They services over one hundred and thirty billion people annually.  

United Continental Holdings is an airline holdings company that owns and operates United Airlines. They serve a worldwide marketplace with over 84,000 employees. United Express is their regional branch that operates medium and short haul feeder flights.

FedEx also known as Federal Express is a multinational delivery service company. They specialize in post-delivery, express mail, freight forwarding and 3PL services. The company operates as FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Services.

Central Japan Railway is a high speed passenger train service. It is commonly referred to as a bullet train for the high speeds it achieves.

Moller-Maersk is also known as Maersk is the largest container ship operator in the world. They have operations in more than one hundred and thirty countries. The company specializes in container shipping, logistics and freight forwarding, shipyards, and more. They operate over 600 vessels with a container capacity of over three and a half million.