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Last mile delivery pros and cons

What Are Final Mile and White Glove Services?

Dive into the world of final mile and white glove services! From doorstep delivery to premium handling, experience the pinnacle of customer satisfaction. Explore how these elite services redefine the last stretch of your shipping journey

Understanding Final Mile and White Glove Services


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For many consumers, business owners, and companies, their final mile and white glove services are essential. With everyone trying to keep up with the “Amazon” pace, utilizing the final mile and white glove services is necessary for today’s marketplace. The impossibly high demand for products in the tightest of timelines has required a different approach to shipping and logistics. The final mile and white glove delivery services cater to the modern desire for instantaneous gratification.



When modern consumers want a product or service, they want and demand it now! When it comes to final mile delivery, the big idea is that consumers and customers can achieve that coveted same-day delivery experience, or for that matter, delivery within a few hours. Final Mile and White Glove delivery services provide a more customized approach to the supply chain and delivery processes, making customers feel more control over their packages. 

Carriers ahead of the curve understand that these services are essential in the modern world and create a larger market. It is important to realize that having these same-day delivery and specialized services attracts more consumers and must be provided to avoid the threat of falling behind the competition. Today’s supply chain market is ever-evolving and advancing, with new technologies and advancements around every corner. To be a successful carrier, stay relevant in terms of the services you provide, and if you are not already providing final mile and white glove delivery services, strongly consider incorporating them into your repertoire. The demand for these services will only increase as time progresses. 

If you were unaware of these services, or the vague “Amazonian” like delivery description above rings a bell, you might still wonder what the final mile and white-glove services are. Do you truly need them? Do you need help finding the time and resources required to transport your shipments? Consider working with a partner that can help make it easy.


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Why Choose FreightCenter for Final Mile and White Glove Delivery Services?

When you choose to work with us, you are choosing to make your shipping process seamless. Here are just some of the benefits working with our Third Party Logistics company will have on your shipping experience:

  • When you partner with FreightCenter, a premier 3PL (Third Party Logistics) company with over twenty-four years of experience within the logistics industry, you are choosing success. Over the decades, our team has dealt with nearly every shipment imaginable. There is no shipment process we cannot help you with!


  • FreightCenter employs a knowledgeable staff that is always willing to learn and grow with industry changes and advancements. We are ready to answer any questions you have throughout the entire process!


  • We act as the middleman between you and your carrier; you do not have to worry about playing phone tag with your trucker. Your agent will directly communicate with you and your carrier, delivering any necessary information or updates between you. 


  • We secure the best transit carrier and route for you at the best price. There is no need to spend hours figuring out the logistics or searching for a worthwhile deal. 


  • We make it easy to ensure your shipments by guiding you toward the best providers. Whether you need full or partial coverage, we have you covered!


  • We arrange the pickups and drop-offs while also making sure to track each shipment in transit. This ensures that you know where your packages are every step of the way! 


Now what are you waiting for? Call FreightCenter to set up your account and discuss your shipment. We are ready to answer your questions and provide solutions! Our team looks forward to partnering with you.

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What Are White Glove Services?

White Glove is a premium delivery service option that exceeds standard delivery options. White Glove Delivery presents a top level of service and support in the freight shipment business. It is often required for delicate, valuable, or oversized shipments that need to be handled with the utmost care. Fun Fact: White glove services are named for the delivery personnel who wore them to represent and differentiate their professionalism and meticulousness. Expect to provide these services to a clientele who appreciate personal and attentive delivery services for their valuables. If you are shipping anything, including furniture, relics, artwork, antiques, or other treasures, white-glove service is likely your customers’ most effective delivery option. 

Due to the exclusive nature of the white glove delivery service, extra precautions are taken during the transit. This will likely include additional padding, blankets, and other specialized packaging materials. Getting white-glove service for your shipment means receiving, packaging, and loading your cargo all happens inside for both pickup and delivery. Supply chain managers, who want the best perks from carriers, can benefit from white-glove services. In addition, shippers with valuable items or someone who needs help moving large items can also benefit from the services.

Assembly, Installation, and Returns

White Glove Delivery services encompass a range of specific services during delivery. First, the professionals handling your shipment are specifically trained to handle high-value and fragile items. The delivery is brought directly into the home or location, then proceeding to unpack the shipment assembling or installing, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and ensuring appliances are in working order. Not only will this specialty personnel assemble your packages if requested, but they will also dispose of all packaging materials. With these services, there is no need to worry about a mess being left behind or figuring out how to assemble your package. Rest assured, your box will be assembled clean, correctly, and ready to use.

All of these services encompassing white delivery come in handy when faced with the possibility of building a complex piece of furniture or equipment on your own and the desire to avoid the hassle entirely. And last but not least, this service handles the returns and manages all aspects of the reverse logistics process. 

Customer service is at the forefront of everything throughout the delivery process, with delivery personnel focusing on individualized needs and preferences. Ultimately, this service offering can bring you and the customer peace of mind, knowing their package is handled with special care and attention. Purchasing this service is worth the extra cost, giving you peace of mind that your shipment is well cared for. Shipping companies usually only provide curbside pickup and delivery unless otherwise stated. This is an excellent choice for shippers who want the most out of their carriers.

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What Are Final Mile and White Glove Services? Guaranteed competitive pricing every time you ship.
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The New Consumer


The current scale of customer purchase pattern issues predicts that e-commerce worldwide sales will continue to grow—a rise to $7.4 trillion by 2025. Most businesses must rethink shipment plans to meet buyer demand for faster and better service. What shipping options are available for companies to meet this demand most efficiently and fairly? Adding the final mile and white glove services will build your supply chain. It allows greater flexibility and resources to meet consumer demand and deliver a better customer experience. Keeping customers happy requires developing a solid logistics strategy. Preferably one that connects you with your buyers, utilizing a delivery method that exceeds their expectations.

Partner with a Freight Provider You Can Trust


The final mile in the delivery process has become one of the most needed. As customers want ease and their goods faster than ever, you must adapt to stay successful within your industry. Finding the right final mile and white glove services solutions can be tricky and tedious. Working under stricter control means managing your services well and ensuring your customers’ outlooks are top priorities. Make your customers’ expectations regarding your final mile service method clear. Such as limited inside pickups or deliveries, longer travel times, or changed setup logistics.

FreightCenter uses technology to find the best carrier to do everything at the best rate. When supply chain logistics and order fulfillment become more than a simple project, FreightCenter can help small to large companies and businesses find the best options—from handling inbound deliveries from artisans to outbound deliveries to dealers or end customers.



Final Mile & White Glove Delivery FAQ

Q. What is the difference between final mile and white glove delivery?


Final mile delivery is the transportation of large and bulky freight during the last leg of the supply chain. On the other hand, white glove delivery includes handling and delivering products into customers’ homes or offices, including light assembly and debris removal. The main difference between the two is that final mile focuses on logistics, while white glove emphasizes personalized service.

Q. What does a white glove service mean?


A white glove service signifies exceptional care, attention, and service. It is often used to describe specialized shipping or delivery methods for valuable, delicate, or oversized items that require extra attention. This high-level service ensures that your products receive the utmost care and handling.

Q. What are the examples of white glove services?


Some examples of white glove services include automated scanning, direct delivery to the site, last-mile delivery, delivery notification, and using pads and padded straps to secure cargo. These services ensure the safe and secure transport of delicate or high-value items.

Q. What are last mile services?


Last-mile services transport goods from a distribution center to the final destination, like a home or business. This term is commonly used in the context of food delivery, supply chains, and delivery businesses. It plays a vital role in ensuring timely delivery and customer satisfaction.