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ContainerPort Group

ContainerPort Group (CPG), headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, has solidified its position as a leading and reputable intermodal trucking carrier, offering comprehensive transportation and logistics solutions across North America. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, ContainerPort Group has emerged as a trusted partner for shippers in the intermodal industry.

ContainerPort Group

Why Choose ContainerPort Group?

ContainerPort Group has garnered a respected reputation as a premier intermodal trucking carrier with extensive coverage and reach throughout North America. Their service offerings encompass drayage, depot, warehousing, and trans-loading solutions. With a legacy of reliability, ContainerPort Group has earned industry recognition for its commitment to customer satisfaction, safety, and efficiency in the intermodal sector.

Intermodal Expertise and Nationwide Coverage

Operating across the vast expanse of North America, ContainerPort Group ensures nationwide intermodal coverage, serving key intermodal markets and transportation hubs.


Customer-Centric Approach

Understanding the critical nature of intermodal transportation, ContainerPort Group strongly emphasizes delivering exceptional customer service. Their dedicated team of professionals is committed to assisting with every aspect of the intermodal shipping process, from initial inquiries and tracking to timely delivery. ContainerPort Group’s priority is to provide a seamless and efficient intermodal experience tailored to the unique demands of its clients.

Innovation and Technological Excellence

ContainerPort Group is a leader in providing reliable and efficient intermodal transportation services. Their commitment to innovation is reflected in their operational practices, aligning with their reputation for delivering on promises and ensuring a high-quality intermodal experience.



CPG has interchange agreements with every steamship line and a fleet of 1,300+ independent contractors. They have over five decades of experience and aim to deliver excellent customer service. They can handle international shipments into any port and have specialized chassis that can handle standard and overweight containers. They have a bonded carrier status and drayage locations through the North and South Atlantic, Ohio Valley, Great Lakes, Midwest, and Gulf regions. Their domestic container drayage can remove your freight off a ship or rail and splice it whichever way you want. ISO bulk and transporting liquids is another area CPG can assist with.

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Technological Innovation and Collaborations


ContainerPort Group’s commitment to innovation is evident through its technology-driven solutions. Collaborations with industry partners and technology providers ensure that customers have access to modern tools, enhancing intermodal efficiency and effectiveness.


A Trusted Intermodal Partner


The partnership between ContainerPort Group and its clients represents a seamless blend of industry expertise and modern intermodal solutions. ContainerPort Group’s dedication to offering specialized intermodal services, combined with their focus on innovation, positions them as the preferred choice for shippers seeking reliable and efficient intermodal transportation solutions across North America.

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