Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday: Refreshments for Delivery Drivers

by Nadia Brosious

It has been really inspiring to share the stories that we have come across about people and businesses doing some great things to support those on the front lines. In this Feel Good Friday series, we highlight how appreciation is coming in all shapes and sizes starting with one very creative kid who setup his own refreshment stand for delivery drivers.

Refreshments for Delivery Drivers

5-year-old Jack Mahar from Niskayuna, New York set up a “refreshment stop” to show appreciation for FedEx and UPS drivers. Jack has always had a huge admiration for truckers, and especially seeing how essential and hard-working they are during the COVID-19 pandemic, he wanted to give back to them in a way to keep them trucking and to lift their spirits.

Jack and his mother set up a refreshment stand full of snacks, energy drinks, even homemade cupcakes to hand out to drivers. The drivers repaid the favor as well by letting Jack see the back of trucks and take pictures together (while practicing social distancing). This is the type of support essential workers everywhere need to keep going. Just a simple act goes a long way in the eyes of these workers and helps keep their morale up to fulfill the job at hand.

Supporting Truckers Everywhere

We’ve been seeing plenty of types of relief for essential workers lately and seeing the resiliency of people has helped us all focus on our strengths. We can all lift each other up with simple acts of kindness here and there and get through the difficult times of today’s world. Especially for truckers and delivery truckers everywhere, we show our thanks every day to these brave men and women on the frontlines keeping goods moving.

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