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Shipping Labels

FreightCenter will email shipping labels to you once you've booked your LTL shipment. Affix them to two sides of each crate or palletized unit.

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What Is a Shipping Label?

A shipping label is an essential part of your freight shipment. It’s purpose is to make sure your cargo is delivered to the right place.

Receiving Your Shipping Label

Shortly after you’ve booked your shipment with FreightCenter, you will receive your paperwork via email. It will include your Bill of Lading, Terms and Conditions and Shipping Labels. In addition to the delivery address, the shipping label should include the names and phone numbers of both the shipper and the consignee (recipient). If this information is not clearly visible on the provided shipping label, add it.

Affixing Your Shipping Label

Shipping labels need to be affixed to two adjoining sides of every distinct handling unit in your shipment. If you have six boxes on one pallet, that is one handling unit. If you have two pallets with four boxes each, you have two handling units. Each crate is a handling unit. Place the labels near the top of the handling units so the driver can read the labels from the forklift.

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