people preparing couch for furniture freight shipping


Use FreightCenter’s furniture shipping comparison system to easily rate all the major freight carriers, select the option that's right for you, and schedule your freight shipment automatically online or through one of our account managers. Shipping furniture as freight is normally the most cost-effective and quickest way of getting your furniture to its destination. Transit times for furniture shipping through freight are typically in line with normal parcel deliveries, but vary depending on the selected carrier.

There are important things to keep in mind when planning and preparing your packages when shipping in this manner. Shipping furniture via freight is normally a curb-to-curb service and not an inside pickup or delivery where the driver helps with loading and unloading.


During transit through freight shipping, items are typically transferred multiple times through different trucks along a crossroad system. This transfer is usually done by a forklift and involves moving several packages at once, which can involve some heavy pushing and arranging. Therefore, durable and condensed packages are the most ideal type to be transported in this manner in order to minimize chance of damage during transfer.

Our packaging tips page can provide some helpful hints for preparing your furniture for freight shipping.

Example of items best suited for furniture freight shipping:

  • Factory packaged boxes
  • Ready to assemble (RTA) furniture
  • Knocked down or disassembled furniture
  • Crated, palletized and secured items
  • Beds and mattresses
  • Non-fragile, easy to move pieces