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Shipping Pool Tables

Shipping Pool Tables

Choosing FreightCenter to ship your table means benefiting from our experience, extensive carrier network, convenient online platform, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing. These factors make us an excellent choice for a seamless, cost-effective transportation solution for your valuable pool table.

How Ship Pool Tables


Shipping pool tables require careful consideration and planning due to their size and weight. Freight companies handle large, heavy items, like pool tables, which need specific expertise and equipment. They have the tools, such as forklifts and loading docks, to safely handle the weight and size of the tables safely. This reduces the risk of damage during loading, unloading, and transit.

Properly preparing pool tables for transport is crucial to minimize damage, protect the surface and structure, secure components, ensure ease of handling, facilitate smooth reassembly, and comply with insurance requirements. Investing time and effort in preparing the pool table correctly increases the likelihood of a successful and problem-free transportation process, safeguarding your valuable investment. There are a few recommended steps to take to prepare for transport. 

You can begin by removing the felt or cloth covering from the playing surface. Carefully roll it up and store it separately to prevent damage. Next, dismantle the rails from the table, carefully unscrewing and labeling each piece for easy reassembly. If applicable, remove the pockets and set them aside as well.

Depending on the type of pool table, detach the legs by unscrewing them from the frame. Keep all screws and bolts organized and labeled in separate bags or containers. Ensure you understand how to disassemble and reassemble the legs to ensure everything is clear.

You can use moving blankets or padding to cover and secure the playing surface with packing tape. This will protect the delicate slate or wood surface from scratches, dents, or other damage during transit.

Wrap each rail individually with moving blankets or bubble wrap. Use packing tape or straps to secure the wrapping and prevent movement or damage during transport. 

Place the legs and pockets in sturdy boxes or crates. Wrap them with bubble wrap or moving blankets to provide additional protection. Ensure the components are secured within the packaging to avoid shifting during transit.

Any loose screws, bolts, or small components should be stored in separate bags or containers. Could you clearly label each bag and keep them together with the corresponding parts they belong to? This will make reassembly easier at the destination.

Ensure all components, including the wrapped playing surface, rails, legs, and pockets, are packed securely in suitable boxes, crates, or pallets. Fill any empty spaces within the packaging with additional padding or packing materials to prevent movement and minimize the risk of damage.

Clearly label each package or crate with relevant information, including “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” labels.


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Shipping Pool Tables

Choosing The Right Freight Company to Ship Pool Tables

Selecting the right freight company is crucial for shipping pool tables safely and efficiently. When deciding on a company, consider the freight company’s expertise, equipment, insurance coverage, reputation, pricing, network, and customer support when selecting a provider to ship your pool table. Thoroughly assessing these factors will help you make an informed decision and ensure a successful and hassle-free transportation experience for your valuable pool table. 

Regarding shipping tables, FreightCenter is the ideal choice. We have extensive experience and expertise in handling large and fragile items. Our dedicated logistics professional team understands the intricacies of disassembling, packing, and securing pool tables for safe transportation. With our extensive carrier network, user-friendly platform, exceptional customer support, competitive pricing, and commitment to transparency, you can trust that your table will be handled with utmost care and delivered safely to its destination.

Choosing the Right Transportation Method to Ship Pool Tables

You are selecting the proper freight transportation method when shipping pool tables are necessary transportation method when shipping pool tables to ensure the appropriate protection, handling, cost efficiency, transit time, and destination accessibility for your valuable item. By carefully considering these factors, you can choose a method that best meets your needs and ensures a safe and successful transportation process for your pool table. The most common forms of freight transportation are air, sea, and ground. 

Air freight involves shipping pool tables via aircraft, making it the fastest transportation method. Pool tables are securely packed and loaded onto cargo planes for expedited delivery. Ground freight is shipping pool tables over land using trucks or other ground vehicles. It can be divided into two main categories: Less-Than-Truckload and Full Truckload shipping. LTL shipping is suitable when the pool table doesn’t require a full truckload. FTL shipping involves dedicating an entire truck for the pool table shipment. Ocean freight is used for shipping pool tables internationally or over long distances via cargo ships. Pool tables are securely packed and loaded into shipping containers, then transported by sea. 

Necessary Documents to Ship Pool Tables

Proper documentation when shipping pool tables is crucial to comply with customs regulations, facilitate customs clearance, accurately calculate tariffs and duties, secure insurance coverage, establish a chain of custody, and maintain proper record-keeping. By ensuring all necessary documentation is in order, you can streamline the shipping process, mitigate risks, and provide a smooth and successful transportation of your pool table. At FreightCenter, we can help you with your documentation services and ensure you have all the necessary forms for your shipment. 

Some standard documents you may need when shipping tables are a Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Insurance Documentation, Export/Import Documentation, and Customs Forms. Documentation requirements may vary based on country-specific regulations, customs requirements, and the freight company’s policies. You’ll need to consult with the freight company to ensure all necessary documents are prepared accurately and comply with the regulations for shipping tables via freight.

Regulations and Standards for Shipping Pool Tables

Following regulations and standards for shipping pool tables ensures safety, compliance, liability protection, securing insurance coverage, maintaining professionalism, promoting efficiency, and supporting environmental sustainability. Some general considerations when shipping pool tables are Packaging and Labeling Restrictions, Weight and Size Restrictions, Hazardous Materials, Customs and Documentation, Transportation Security, Environmental Considerations, and Industry Standards. You’ll need to consult with freight companies to understand the regulations and standards applicable to shipping pool tables in your region or for your transportation needs.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Pool Tables?

The cost of shipping pool tables via freight can vary depending on several factors, including the size and weight of the table, the shipping distance, the transportation mode chosen, and any additional services required. Obtaining quotes from freight companies or logistics providers is best  to obtain quotes from freight companies or logistics providers to get accurate pricing based on your specific requirements. 

Shipping Pool Tables with FreightCenter

FreightCenter offers shipping services to transport pool tables safely and efficiently, including ground, air, and ocean transportation. Preparing pool tables for transport is essential, as choosing the right freight company and transportation method and ensuring freight company and transportation method, and ensuring you have the necessary documents and follow regulations. The cost of shipping pool tables can vary, but comparing carrier quotes can help find the most cost-effective option. 


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