shipping medical supplies


Shipping medical supplies in large volumes around the country is needed every day. At FreightCenter, we help people get their supplies to the destination at a cost savings. Hospitals and clinics are opening up every day in the United States. The need for shipping medical supplies is high. We have spent years developing relationships with our carriers. Our carriers have allowed us to qualify for some of the industry’s leading rates. We provide our services and discounts on to people like you.

Using FreightCenter can help reduce the cost of transporting the medical supplies. Transporting supplies from one location to the next can add up fast. Try our online freight calculator to see what savings you can achieve. Contact us when you are ready to ship your medical supplies. You can book online or via telephone with one of our experience sales agents. Our agents can assist with any special shipping needs or requirements. When emergency strikes and you need medical supplies delivered fast, call us immediately. We are positive you will like the savings and service we can provide.


medical supplies

Medical supplies are any items used in a medical environment. Items such as furniture, carts, containers and bandages. Medical supplies can include any and all medical equipment and pharmaceutical. When you are shipping medical supplies you need to provide specific information. The shipper needs this information to best determine how to classify your load. Some medical supplies are not allowed to be shipped via parcel services. Medical supplies may have special handling requirements. Temperature control may be necessary or special handling might be required.

Working with FreightCenter will help you. We can classify what type of load classification you will need to use. We can also assist in offering best practices and load recommendations. Most medical supplies used in high volume and disposable. Making sure you have reliable shipping services for your medical supplies is a must.

Contact us if you are a medical supply manufacturer. We will offer you a permanent competitive shipping service. We offer partnerships and account managers to assist with volume shippers. Our services will handle all the shipment scheduling, tracking and billing for you. You can even request a dedicated sales agent to handle your account.