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Top UPS Freight Alternatives

When shipping goods, businesses need to find reliable and cost-effective freight services. Exploring alternatives to UPS Freight Alternatives can be a great way to ensure that your specific shipping needs are met.

Top UPS Freight Alternatives


When shipping goods, businesses need to find reliable and cost-effective freight services. Exploring alternatives to UPS Freight Alternatives can be a great way to ensure that your specific shipping needs are met. FreightCenter is a reputable alternative that provides a wide range of tailored freight services to accommodate various shipments.


FreightCenter Services and Truck Types


FreightCenter is excellent at matching your shipment with the right kind of truck. They offer several types of trucks to meet different shipping needs. Here are some of the trucks you can choose from:


Dry Van: Ideal for shipping standard goods that need protection from the elements.


Flatbed trucks are perfect for loads that don’t fit inside a standard truck or must be loaded by a crane.


Air Ride: Provides a smoother ride for delicate items that need extra protection from bumps and jolts.


Refrigerated: Necessary for shipping perishable goods that must be kept cold.


Step Deck: Useful for taller loads that cannot be transported on a standard flatbed.


Removable Goose Neck (RGN): Designed for heavy and tall loads that must be driven onto the truck.


Save Money with FreightCenter

FreightCenter helps you save money by letting top carriers compete for your business. This competition can lead to significant savings, often 25%, 50%, 75%, or more, compared to booking directly with a carrier.

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Understanding Freight Rates and Quotes Freight rates can vary significantly based on several factors, including shipment size, weight, distance, and the type of truck required.

Here’s what you need to know about getting the best quotes:


Factors Affecting Rates: Learn how the size and weight of your shipment and the distance it needs to travel influence freight costs.

Seasonal Variations: Be aware of how demand fluctuations during different times of the year can impact freight rates.

Negotiating Rates: Tips on negotiating with carriers to get the best possible rate for your shipment.


Do You Need Full Truckload or Less-than-Truckload Service?


When deciding how to ship your goods, knowing whether you need a full or less-than-truckload (LTL) service is essential. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

Choosing the Right Freight Service for Your Business


Selecting the exemplary freight service can significantly impact your business operations. Consider these factors when making your decision:

Type of Goods: The nature of your goods—perishable, fragile, or oversized—will determine the kind of truck and service you need.

Delivery Speed: Urgent shipments require expedited services, which can be more expensive but ensure faster delivery.

Cost Efficiency: Balancing cost and service quality is essential. FreightCenter helps you find the most cost-effective solution without compromising on reliability.

Frequency of Shipments: Regular shipments might benefit from a dedicated service, while occasional shipments can use flexible options like LTL or partial truckload services.

Less-than-Truckload (LTL) Service

LTL service can be cost-effective if your shipment fills a portion of the truck. LTL freight shipping allows carriers to fill their trucks with smaller loads from various shippers. You only pay for the space your shipment uses, which saves you money.

FreightCenter works with over 80 national and regional LTL carriers, allowing you to compare quotes and choose the best option. A shipping expert, known as a National Account Manager, will help verify your order and handle all necessary paperwork.


Most LTL shipments use dry vans, but some carriers offer air ride vehicles for extra protection.


Truckload Service 

Full truckload service is the way to handle larger shipments that need an entire truck. This service is necessary when your load is too heavy or oversized for LTL or cannot be appropriately packaged for LTL freight.

Specific shipments, like those requiring flatbed, step deck, or RGN trucks, always need full truckload service.Recently, many shipments between LTL and full truckload sizes have been shipped as partial truckload freight.

This service, offered by FreightCenter’s Truckload division, is ideal for loads that are too large for LTL but need to be more significant for a full truckload.


Advantages of Using FreightCenter as UPS Alternatives


Using FreightCenter has several benefits:

Cost Savings: By comparing quotes from multiple carriers, you can find the best price for your shipment.


Expert Assistance: FreightCenter provides access to shipping experts who can guide you through the entire process.


Wide Range of Services: Whether you need a dry van, flatbed, air ride, refrigerated truck, step deck, or RGN, FreightCenter has you covered.


Nationwide and Regional Options: With over 80 LTL carriers, you have plenty of options.


Convenience: FreightCenter handles all the paperwork, making your shipping process smoother.


How to Get Started with using FreightCenter as a UPS Alternatives


Getting started with FreightCenter is easy. Here’s a simple guide to begin:


Request a Quote: Visit FreightCenter’s website and fill out a form with details about your shipment. You’ll receive quotes from various carriers almost instantly.


Compare Quotes: Compare the quotes and prices, services, and delivery times.


Select a Carrier: Choose the carrier that best meets your needs and budget.


Work with a Shipping Expert: Once you’ve selected a carrier, a National Account Manager will help finalize your order and ensure all necessary paperwork is completed.


Track Your Shipment: FreightCenter provides tracking services to monitor your shipment’s progress until it reaches its destination.

FreightCenter’s Commitment to Quality

FreightCenter is committed to providing high-quality shipping services. They understand that every shipment is necessary and strive to offer reliable and efficient transportation solutions.

Whether you’re shipping a small LTL load or a large truckload, FreightCenter works hard to ensure your goods arrive safely and on time.


FreightCenter’s Nationwide Network

FreightCenter’s extensive network of carriers spans the United States, ensuring you can access reliable shipping options regardless of location. This network includes:

Regional Carriers: Regional carriers offer ocalizeslowlyxpertise and quicker delivery times for shipments that travel slowly.

National Carriers: When shipping across the country, national carriers provide the infrastructure and reach necessary for long-distance deliveries.

Specialized Carriers: Specialized carriers offer the necessary equipment and expertise for unique shipping needs, such as hazardous materials or oversized loads.


FreightCenter’s Technology and Tools

FreightCenter leverages advanced technology to streamline the shipping process.

Here’s how their tools can benefit you:


Online Platform: An easy-to-use platform to request quotes, book shipments, and track deliveries.


Automated Tracking: Real-time tracking of shipments allows you to monitor progress and receive updates on delivery status.


Data Analytics: FreightCenter’s analytics tools help you understand shipping trends, optimize routes, and make informed decisions.


Mobile App: Access FreightCenter services on the go with their mobile app, providing flexibility and convenience.

UPS Freight Alternatives

Note: FreightCenter adds and removes carrier partners from time to time. This list may not be current.

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Types of Freight Trucks Explained

Understanding the different types of freight trucks can help you decide about your shipping needs. Here’s a closer look at each type:

Dry Van: These enclosed trailers protect your goods from weather and road debris. They’re the most common type of freight truck and are suitable for most general cargo.

Flatbed: Open trailers that are ideal for oversized or awkwardly shaped loads. They’re easy to load and unload, especially for items a forklift can’t lift.

Air Ride: These trucks have suspension systems that reduce the impact of bumps and vibrations, making them perfect for fragile or sensitive cargo.

Refrigerated: Also known as “reefers,” these trucks have built-in cooling systems to keep perishable goods at a constant temperature during transport.

Step Deck: Similar to flatbeds but with a lower deck height, step decks are used for taller loads requiring extra clearance.

Removable Goose Neck (RGN): These trailers have a detachable front, allowing them to be lowered to the ground for more effortless loading of heavy equipment and machinery.


Full Truckload vs. Less-than-Truckload

Choosing between full truckload and LTL services depends on your shipment’s size and requirements. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Full Truckload: Best for large shipments that take up an entire truck or require special handling. This service ensures your goods are transported directly to their destination without being combined with other shipments.
  • Less-than-truckload (LTL) is Ideal for smaller shipments that don’t need a whole truck. It is cost-effective and efficient, as you only pay for the space your cargo occupies. This service is perfect for businesses that ship smaller quantities more frequently.
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Partial Truckload Service


A partial truckload service might be the perfect solution if your shipment is too large for LTL but needs to be more significant for a full truckload. This option allows you to share truck space with other shipments, reducing costs while ensuring your goods are delivered efficiently.

Partial truckload service is gaining popularity as more businesses seek flexible, affordable shipping solutions.


Preparing Your Shipment for Transport


Properly preparing your shipment is crucial for ensuring it arrives safely and intact. Here are some tips:

Packaging: Use sturdy materials to pack your goods to withstand transport securely.

Labeling: Clearly label all packages with destination addresses and any handling instructions.

Documentation: Ensure all necessary paperwork, including bills of lading and customs forms, is completed accurately.


Tips for Effective Freight Management


Managing freight shipments efficiently can save time and money. Here are some tips to enhance your freight management process:

Plan Ahead: Schedule shipments in advance to avoid last-minute rush fees and ensure carrier availability.

Consolidate Shipments: Combine smaller shipments into a single load to save on transportation costs.

Track Shipments: Use FreightCenter’s tracking tools to monitor your shipments in real time and address any issues promptly.

Maintain Communication: Keep open lines of communication with carriers and customers to ensure smooth operations and manage expectations.

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Finely-tailored freight solutions

To create value for our customers by delivering customized shipping solutions that meet their unique needs and to fulfill shipping demands from simple to complex with expertise, guidance and ingenuity.

Rail Freight

Rail shipping is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly transportation method that utilizes trains to move goods over long distances. It's known for its efficiency in handling large volumes of cargo, making it a sustainable and economical choice for businesses seeking reliable freight transport options.

Expedited Freight

Expedited shipping is a premium service designed to meet urgent delivery needs. It prioritizes speed and quick turnaround, ensuring that packages or goods reach their destination faster than standard shipping options. Expedited shipping is the go-to choice when time-sensitive deliveries are essential, providing businesses and individuals with reliable and prompt service for critical shipments.

White Glove Freight

White glove shipping is a premium service that goes beyond standard delivery, offering meticulous handling, specialized packaging, and in-home setup or installation for valuable or delicate items, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for customers.

LTL Freight

Less than truckload (LTL) shipping is a smart logistics solution for businesses with smaller shipments. It combines multiple smaller shipments into a single truckload, optimizing space and reducing costs. LTL shipping offers affordability and efficiency while ensuring timely delivery, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to save on transportation expenses without compromising on service quality.

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International Shipping with FreightCenter (UPS Freight Alternatives)


FreightCenter isn’t just for domestic shipments. They also offer international shipping services. Here’s what you need to know:

Global Reach: FreightCenter partners with international carriers to provide reliable shipping solutions worldwide.

Customs Assistance: They help you navigate the complexities of international shipping, including customs paperwork and regulations.

Cost-Effective Options: Compare quotes from various international carriers to find the most affordable solution for your global shipments.


Freight Insurance: Protecting Your Shipments


Ensuring your shipment arrives safely is crucial, but sometimes accidents happen. Here’s how freight insurance can help:

Coverage Options: Different levels of coverage are available depending on the value and nature of your shipment.

Peace of Mind: Insurance protects against damage, loss, or theft during transit.

Claims Process: FreightCenter assists with the claims process, helping you navigate the paperwork and receive compensation quickly.


When it comes to freight shipping, having options is crucial. FreightCenter offers various services and truck types to meet various shipping needs. Whether you need a full truckload, LTL, or partial truckload service, FreightCenter can help you find the best solution at the best price. 


By working with multiple carriers and providing expert assistance, FreightCenter ensures your shipments are handled carefully and efficiently. Explore FreightCenter today and discover how they can help streamline your shipping process while saving you money.

Benefits of Using FreightCenter Over UPS Freight

Costly LTL Shipping Mistakes and Solutions

Customized Solutions:

FreightCenter tailors its services to fit your needs, ensuring you get the best solution for your shipment.

man on laptop using freight tms technology

Advanced Technology:

With state-of-the-art tracking and management tools, FreightCenter informs you about your shipment's status in real time.

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Customer Support:

FreightCenter provides excellent customer service, with support available to address any concerns or issues during shipping.