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How To Ship A Single Piece Of Furniture

April 26, 2022 by FreightCenter
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Consumers are buying furniture online in record amounts these days. Whether you are a custom furniture maker or a local artist selling your unique items online, you need to know how to ship a single piece of furniture and find a way to get your items in the hands of your customers.

Or, perhaps you are a consumer who found the furniture piece you’ve been searching for forever, one that fits perfectly into the empty spot you’ve had since you moved in. 

Trying to ship a single piece of furniture can be two things: a headache or a piece of cake. At FreightCenter, we prefer cake. Suppose you are sending items to your customers or the customer. The sooner you ship that custom couch you designed, the sooner your customer can sit back and rest easy! In that case, you can take several different approaches to get your loveseat across the country or over state lines, from packaging it correctly to choosing the suitable carrier and shipping method.

Let’s look at how to ship a single piece of furniture safely and for a reasonable price. 

Shipping A Single Piece Of Furniture: The Basics

To determine which shipping service is right for you and the piece you’re shipping, ensure you know the weight and dimensions. For example, your average sleeper sofa weighs about 350 lbs. That’s probably too heavy for a single mail carrier to cart around (unless your mail carrier is Dwayne Johnson), making less-than-truckload shipping the ideal choice if you’re shipping a single piece of furniture that is too small to ship full truckload.

Next, determine what accessorials (additional services beyond typical pickup and delivery) will need to be added to the shipment to make it easier to handle and deliver. For example, add a liftgate at pickup and delivery to assist with big pieces. Some accessorials are optional such as notification services which is an accessorial that involves receiving a call once the freight is ready for pickup. Required accessorials, like liftgate at pickup and delivery, should be booked upfront during the quote process; otherwise, you may receive a surprise billing adjustment from the carrier after delivery. Billing adjustments are as avoidable as they are costly.

Here are some other accessorials:

Lastly, determine if you should add additional insurance protection coverage as most freight shipments are only covered by the carrier’s limited liability, which may not cover the total value of your item. Note that antiques or any item that exhibits the style or fashion of a past era and whose history, age, or rarity contributes to its value are NOT eligible for additional insurance coverage. 

Let FreightCenter Send Your Furniture

Shippers are not only guaranteed the best carrier when they work with a third-party logistics company like FreightCenter but discounted rates through our partnerships with those carriers. Make shipping large, bulky pieces of furniture a cinch!

Get an instant quote to ship your furniture. If you have questions or want to learn more about the best way to ship your furniture, chat with one of our freight experts at 844-212-7447

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