Shipping Freight


Shipping Freight

FreightCenter specializes in shipping freight online. Services are available throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and beyond. Process all your shipping estimates through a single website. Use our Freight Quote to have instant results or email us with specific requirements. Call if you need personal help. No matter which method you choose, we are here to help. From the moment of contact, a team of professionals will be working for you. Our services will show you how to.

  • Instant Comparison of many carriers
  • Select a best fit carrier
  • Find a delivery time that works for you
  • Instruct you how to package the shipment
  • Make sure you have insurance options
  • Provide a shipment schedule and Bill of Lading
  • Tracking your order
  • Best of all ….. Save you Money and Time!

Why you save with us

We have spent years establishing relationships with our vendors. The volume of shipping freight we do is high. The higher volumes of freight we move the more discounts we qualify for. These discounted freight rates play a huge part in the savings you will see. You also save your time. There is no need worry about if the paperwork was filled out correct. No worries about scheduling a carrier in. Setting up new accounts with that carrier is not needed. Billing is all done through us. Insurance can be set up through us or you can provide your own. The headache of knowing where your shipment is and when it is delivered is all handled for you. If there are any problems or issues through any part of the process, we are here to assist. More time and money is yours to keep by having us do the work.

Shipping Freight Rates

Rates will be calculated on weights and dims. Packaging your shipment safely and efficient is key. Try to maximize the height as optimal as you can. Destinations will affect your quote price as well. Selecting a major city or carrier with a local hub can add savings. Both commercial and residential shipping you should clarify if a lift gate is needed or not. Rates will change all the time depending on many different factors such as fuel costs. The complicated process of obtaining a freight quote and dispatching a truck is gone. If you book freight all the time or just once in a while, our service can save you valuable time and money. Agents can assist in advising common practices to achieve the best shipping freight rates.