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Shipping Computers & Servers

Save money & time by shipping computers and servers. with FreightCenter. Our online quote tool instantly compares freight rates from top US carriers.

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Shipping computers and servers can appear to be a daunting task. FreightCenter makes it easy and affordable.

How to Prepare Computers & Servers for Shipping

Computers can be big, heavy and somewhat complicated. At the same time, they are also fragile and require plenty of protection to make sure they aren’t damaged in transit.

Crating Your Computers

If you are shipping servers, or computers on a rack, they must be crated. If you are shipping boxed personal computers in bulk, we suggest pallet packing them for shipment in their original packaging. Stack the boxed computers tight on top of a pallet and be mindful that there is no overhang. Shrink wrap the boxes together and band them down.

What Is a Computer’s Freight Class (Nmfc)?

Subcategory Class
Computers/Personal Computers, Computer Monitors 92.5
Freight class is an essential part of getting an accurate freight shipping quote.

How Do You Get the Best Rate Shipping Computers?

Whether you’re moving large quantities of computers from warehouses or manufacturers, taking bulk shipments to wholesale marketplaces, or relocating your company’s data centers across state lines, your computers and servers need a reliable (and cost effective!) way to move. With FreightCenter’s online quote tool, you will get instant results and find out which service suits your needs best. If your shipment has specific requirements (or if you have any questions), contact one of our expert freight agents at 800.716.7608.
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