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Shipping Natural Energy

Shipping Natural Energy: Oil/Gas/Coal

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Shipping Natural Energy


Before release, distributors hold onto natural energy for varying timeframes ranging from a day to three weeks. Once the natural energy is loaded onto the truck, it usually reaches its final destination within twelve hours or less. The natural energy distribution process takes approximately four weeks from start to finish, with four weeks being an average, as distribution can occasionally be affected by low inventory, issues with refinery machinery, shipment delays, and subpar product quality issues.

Coal, on the other hand, is typically transported from mines to the railways, with trains shipping around seventy percent of coal deliveries in the U.S. Other methods of coal transportation include barges for river and lake transport and ships for Great Lakes and Ocean transportation. Train transportation can benefit because the mode is more economical, has greater shipping capacity, and is less prone to external interruptions such as unpredictable traffic and weather conditions. However, you may need a different solution than maritime and freight shipping when you need to ship directly to a retailer or packaging plant, where freight trucks come into play.

Using freight trucks to distribute coal can be beneficial for several reasons, including drop-off/pickup flexibility, flexible pricing, and shorter transit times. 

For the best of both worlds, it might be wise to take advantage of intermodal transportation options as needed, allowing you to seize the benefits of rail and freight shipping. With that being said, only some routes and destinations will require the use of intermodal transportation. No need to stress about the logistics, Freight Center’s team of expert call agents will do the heavy thinking for you! Call today to have your route planned and quoted. Let us do the logistics, and you run your business! 

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Why Choose FreightCenter for Your Natural Energy shipping ?

No need to stress about the logistics, Freight Center’s team of expert call agents will do the heavy thinking for you! Call today to have your route planned and quoted. Let us do the logistics, and you run your business!  Freight Center partners with trusted carriers to ensure your natural energy shipments arrive safely. Our call agents will help you choose the safest, most reliable, and most economical carrier for the job! With all the transportation methods available, from ocean, rail, air, and truck, our expert call agents will assist you in determining the perfect shipping mode.

Shipping natural energy can seem rather complex, as the energy supply often undergoes a lot of intermodal transit before reaching its final destination. Luckily Freight Center is here to make the process easy with plenty of options, guidance, and tracking every step of the way.

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Natural Energy

Natural energy sources such as crude oil (Petroleum) begin the supply chain journey from ocean-based oil rigs or the inside of fracking wells. Oil rig-derived petroleum is sent to tankers and barges before being sent to refineries via pipelines. While at the refineries, the oil undergoes quality control and processing. Afterward, the natural energy is distributed to a variety of different carriers. Oil derived from fracking reaches refineries through pipelines or trucks if needed.

Regardless of its origins, crude oil is refined into various energy sources, including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and petrochemicals. Petrochemicals are processed further to create products, including plastics and fertilizers. As you can see, getting natural energy sources from the earth’s origins to companies can be quite a process.  Partnering with FreightCenter for your logistics needs will ensure the process moves as seamlessly as possible without the tension headache.

Shipping Natural Energy Precautions

Natural energy transportation is not something to take lightly, as the elements are forces to be respected. The dangers of transporting oil and other forms of natural energy are well documented. Truck collisions can cause toxic liquids or gases to leak, spill, and often explode. These threats can cause injuries, burns, toxic inhalation, and fatalities. Transporting coal also requires special attention to detail, as it may spontaneously combust if left in storage for too long. Due to the genuine threats posed by transporting natural energy, it is essential that you fully disclose all details regarding your shipments and choose a responsible freight carrier.

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