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What Is Freight Curbside Pickup and Delivery?

April 26, 2022 by FreightCenter
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Standard Freight Curbside Pickup and Delivery

Curbside pickup and delivery are pretty much what you’d expect. The truck driver picks up and/or drops off a shipment at roadside or at the end of a driveway. This is the basic, standard method when picking up and delivering freight. Drivers typically use a pallet jack or forklift to lift heavy shipments into the back of a trailer or onto the trailer’s liftgate. These features help lift heavy items with ease, allowing for quick and easy pickups and deliveries.

Curbside pickup and delivery means that it is up to the shipper or receiver to transport the shipment to and from the curbside. This limits damages, bumps or scuffs to a business’s doorways or walls during the hauling of freight.

Freight Curbside Pickup and Delivery

Who Offers Residential Freight Deliveries?

A majority of FreightCenter’s trusted carriers offer residential freight deliveries. And while these companies will deliver to residential areas, most of them come with their own set of rules, regulations and fees for this service. Becoming familiar with the carrier you choose can help ensure no billing adjustments are added to your account down the road. Here a few of FreightCenter’s carriers that offer this service:

  • Averitt Express – Residential deliveries available for a $30 fee.
  • Clear Lane Freight Systems – Requires a liftgate for shipments weighing 150 pounds or more.
  • R + L Carriers – No appointment is needed for residential deliveries. In the even you would like to schedule an appointment, a $133 fee will be assessed.
  • Daylight Transport – Requires a liftgate for shipments weighing 50 pounds or more.
  • SAIA – Residential deliveries are available but they DO NOT offer inside drop-offs.
  • Frontline Freight – An arbitrary adjustment notify fee will be assessed on residential deliveries.
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Additional Services to Curbside Pickup and Delivery

Basic curbside pickup and delivery are the standard freight service offered by carriers. In the event a seller or receiver would like to have their shipment moved or removed from inside their place of business, an extra charge will occur. Inside pickup and delivery is just one of many extra services, also known as accessorials, that FreightCenter offers. Depending on your shipment, some accessorials may be necessary, while others are completely subjective. By providing product details, your FreightCenter agent can help you determine which, if any, accessorials you should add to your shipment.

Call for Appointment

Call for Appointment is a notification service that helps you prepare in advance for the pickup or arrival of your shipment. This service helps you prepare by alerting you when to expect a drivers’ arrival for a pickup or delivery. This helps greatly in avoiding a missed pickup or delivery and in turn helps prevent unnecessary billing adjustments down the road.

Inside Delivery

Inside delivery takes pickup and delivery services a step further than curbside – it’s the “premium” option for freight delivery. For residential areas, inside delivery means a shipment is delivered up to the doorway or to the nearest entrance. For a store or business, shipments will be delivered just inside the door. In essence, this is like a drop-off parcel delivery but for freight.

First and Final Mile Services

First Mile services provide the customer with packaging, pickup and delivery services, essentially handling all of the work for you. For Final Mile services, the carrier will handle every aspect of the delivery phase including inside drop-off, unpackaging and debris removal.

White Glove

This is considered the “VIP” service of accessorials. White Glove Shipping and White Glove Delivery services cover all responsibilities that come with preparing and receiving your shipment. This includes packaging, and unpackaging, inside delivery and extra care when handling your shipment. These services are suggested when shipping antique or other costly items. You can also solicit this service for your run-of-the-mill pickup or delivery when you don’t want to deal with the hassle of the shipment.

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