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What Is a Freight Center?

A freight center is a general term describing a place where freight shipping occurs. That’s where we get our name! We chose FreightCenter as our name because our company helps arrange freight shipments for customers, and while we operate online and do not physically handle freight shipments, we are able to orchestrate logistics through a number of our partner carriers.

There are many different terms that may be used in reference to a freight center. Some examples are:

  • Freight Terminal Carrier terminals are located throughout the United States. Terminals are a warehouse of sorts where freight is exchanged on and off trucks to be routed to different lanes.
  • Port Air ports and ocean ports are not operated privately by carriers. However, carriers work in conjunction with government agencies to use the air and oceans are lanes for freight transportation.
  • Service Centers Brick and mortar stores where people ship and pickup mail and packages can sometimes arrange freight shipments on behalf of walk-in customers. UPS Freight and FedEx Freight offer walk-in service for its customers this way.

What Is Freightcenter?

FreightCenter is a privately held, non-asset based third-party logistics provider (or 3PL). We are licensed and bonded to arrange freight shipments as an intermediary with common carriers and freight companies. At FreightCenter, every shipper and shipment is assigned a dedicated freight agent to see your shipment the whole way through. Not only will you have access to our vast and knowledgeable network, but our technology and carriers as well. When you partner with FreightCenter, what’s ours is yours.

All of our customer service representatives, account managers, and technology developers work from our corporate headquarters in Palm Harbor, Florida.

What Types of Shipments Can Freightcenter Arrange?

We can arrange most shipments as long as the origin belongs in the United States or Canada. From less-than-truckload, full truckload, partial, and parcel, we’ve got you covered. For shipments coming from outside the United States, our customers are referred to a freight forwarder who can handle the first leg of foreign transportation. Once at a U.S. port FreightCenter can help arrange long haul and first or last mile transportation to a final destination.

We offer a plethora of specialized services as well, so that your freight is treated with the utmost care.

How to Book Shipments

Once you quote your freight you can book your shipment directly by calling one of our agents at 800.716.7608, or by continuing the process online.

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