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Shipping Garage Floor Tiles

Discover the benefits of garage floor tiles for your home or business, from durability to ease of installation. Learn about tile options and shipping tips. Get started on your next renovation project today!

Garage Floor Tiles

As the name suggests, Garage floor tiles are made specifically for garage floor usage. These tiles have several benefits for home or business owners looking to improve and enhance their space, making them a popular choice. This type of tile is known for its durability, ease of installation, and transformation capabilities.  Shipping garage tiles can be made simple when you understand your tiling options and the logistics process!

Garage tiles are available in various materials such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), rubber, plastic, and composite materials. Note that each type of garage tile offers different benefits, depending on your target needs and preferences. Not only are garage tiles available in a wide variety of materials, but their usage is just as versatile. They are practical in other settings, including workshops, basements, home gyms, laundry rooms, outdoor patios, and decks.

The strength and versatility of the garage tiles are a couple of reasons you might consider utilizing them for your next project. In addition, garage tiles are a cost-effective solution for your next home or business renovation, making this material a reasonable contender for your next home upgrade. 

FreightCenter is here to help you successfully ship your garage tiles from A to B, domestically or internationally. With twenty-five years in business, FreightCenter’s freight experts book the industry’s most efficient, cost-effective, and reliable shipments. If you want to ship garage tiles and are still trying to figure out where to start, look no further! Between this shipping guide and our expert freight agents just a call away, your next shipment is bound for success!

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Tile Options

As mentioned, each type of garage tile has its own set of unique benefits and attributes. Ultimately, your choice of material should depend on your project, budget, and preferences. One of the most popular types of garage floor tiles is PVC. These tiles are very popular for garage flooring because of their durability, versatility, and resistance to oils and chemicals. PVC is available in a variety of thicknesses and styles. Rubber garage tiles are also known for their durability, as well as their shock absorption capabilities. Rubber provides good traction and is resistant to moisture. 

If you are looking for a more lightweight option that is easy to install, look no further than plastic garage tiles. This type is chemical and moisture-resistant, can handle heavy vehicle traffic, and comes in various colors and designs. Plastic tiles are usually made from polypropylene or other plastic polymers. Ceramic garage tiles might be the best choice for your project if you want a more classic and traditional look. The only downside is ceramic tiles are not always as resistant to impact and chemicals as other material options. 

Other garage tile options include material blends like composite tiles, vinyl composite, and modular interlocking tiles. Composite garage tiles are made of different materials like wood and plastic. They can give the appearance of wood or stone flooring but with additional durability and easier maintenance. This option can be great for a decorative look.

Vinyl composite is another hybrid option, which combines vinyl and other materials to achieve additional strength and durability. The vinyl composite option is also moisture and chemical-resistant. Modular interlocking tiles are versatile tiles comprised of PVC, rubber, or plastic. These tiles are made to interlock easily and fit securely without adhesives or fasteners. They make an excellent option for residential and commercial garage spaces. 

When choosing your garage floor tiles, do your research and consider important factors such as the project requirements, ease of installation, maintenance requirements, the space, and, as said previously, the budget. These factors are critical in making the best decision for your next renovation.

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Cost to Ship Garage Tiles

The cost to ship garage tiles depends on various factors. The distance, the shipping method, and the destination all play a significant role in the total cost. The longer the distance typically means, the higher the shipping cost. Similar to the distance factor, the heavier the shipment, the higher price is likely to be incurred. Going hand-in-hand with this factor is the quantity of tiles. The higher quantity usually means a heavier weight and a heftier price tag. 

Additionally, the shipping method, whether standard ground, express, or freight shipping, plays a significant role in the final cost. Generally, expedited shipping methods are more expensive. Along with these factors, different carriers have varying rates and shipping policies. Your FreightCenter agent will help you find the best rates for your shipment with the most reliable carrier. 

Shipping Garage Tiles

One of the most critical elements of the shipping process is correctly packaging your shipment. Below are a series of steps to help you get the tile packaging process correct the first time around. Proper packaging is essential to protecting your garage tile shipment, so take the time to do it correctly. 

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~Packaging Process~


Gather/Organize Materials:

Ensure you have all the materials before packaging. It is highly recommended to have strong cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, foam padding, corner protectors, and packing paper. Be sure to have an adequate amount of all of these materials. Before you package the tiles, ensure they are clean, dry, and free of contaminants like oil and grease. 

Wrap/Stack Tiles:

To prevent scratching or damage to the tiles, consider wrapping each tile individually in bubble wrap or foam padding. Secure the foam wrap with tape. Place the tiles in stacks or rows within the package, and ensure they fit snugly and securely and will not move during transit. Use corner protectors to prevent damage to the edges of the tiles.

Filler Materials:

Use foam padding or packing paper to fill any extra space in the box to prevent shifting during transit. The goal is to keep the tiles as secure as possible. 


Close the cardboard boxes and secure them with strong packaging tape. Ensure all the seams are correctly sealed to prevent the package from opening during transit. Next, label the box with the destination address, return address, and specific handling instructions. If applicable, mark the box as fragile. 


To determine an accurate shipping cost, weigh and measure the package accurately. Your carrier and freight agent require this information. 


If you are shipping large quantities of garage tiles, it might be necessary to palletize them. To do this, place the boxes on a wooden pallet, secure them with stretch wrap or strapping, and label the pallet with shipping information. 


Before your shipment is picked up, inspect it for proper sealing, labeling, and transport. This will make the hand-off process much easier for both parties. 


~Shipping Process~


Choose a 3PL: 

FreightCenter just celebrated its 25th anniversary and is an established authority in the world of 3PL Companies. We are known for our personalized shipping solutions tailored to your specific needs by our team of expert freight agents with years of experience in the logistics industry. 

Contact FreightCenter:

Connect with one of our expert freight agents by calling the number at the top of our homepage. We will match you with the most reliable carriers for the most competitive rates on the market. We also have a free freight quote tool at the bottom of the page to help get you started. 

Connect with an Agent:

Speak to one of our freight agents about your shipment. Ensure to accurately provide all necessary information for the best shipping experience possible. We will help you find the best shipping method and carrier for your budget. Once the shipment is booked, your freight agent will receive a tracking number. This number allows you and your freight agent to keep track of your shipment while in transit. 


Ensure the delivery location is ready to receive the tile shipment. Ensure any obstacles have been cleared and the space is ready to receive the shipment once it arrives. Check for any shipment damages upon arrival and document any issues. If there are damages, gather sufficient evidence to present to your agent and the FreightCenter claims department.  


Garage Tile Benefits

Garage tiles are trendy among home and business owners for a reason, not because they are the only option for garage flooring. Garage tiles have a variety of benefits that make them a solid choice for a variety of spaces. One of the most essential qualities is the durability of the tiles. They are designed to withstand vehicles’ enormous weight and impact and can protect against damage from cracks and stains created by oil, chemicals, and auto fluids.

Another protective feature of garage tiles is that they act as a barrier, preventing moisture from seeping through and preserving concrete longevity. As previously mentioned, most garage tiles are moisture and chemical-resistant. These resistant qualities make garage tiles very easy to maintain. Spills can easily be cleaned up, and most garage tiles are stain-resistant. 

Aside from the protective qualities of garage tiles, other benefits include easy installation and customization. Most garage tiles have an interlocking design, making the installation process straightforward. They do not require any special adhesives or tools for this process. Garage tiles are also known for their comfort. They are more comfortable walking and standing on compared to cold concrete floors. The textured surface improves traction and reduces the risk of slipping.

Another advantage of garage tiles is that they provide insulation against hot and cold temperatures. This helps make the space more comfortable year-round. Having a well-maintained and attractive-looking garage can make your home or business more accessible to sell in the future and increase the resale value. Well-maintained garage tiles can enhance both the looks and functionality of a space. 


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Flatbed Trucking:

Use flatbed trucks for oversized or unusually shaped garage tile shipments.

Intermodal Transportation:

Combine multiple modes of transportation, such as trucking and rail, for efficient and cost-effective shipping.

Rail Freight:

Transport garage tile shipments via rail for long-distance shipments or when moving several garage tile packages.

Ocean Freight:

Ship garage tile shipments in containers on cargo ships for international transport.

Air Freight:

Opt for air transportation when time-sensitive delivery of garage tile shipments is required.

Cross-Border Trucking:

Arrange for trucking services to transport garage tile packages across international borders.

Heavy Haul Trucking:

Engage specialized heavy haul trucking services for oversized or cumbersome garage tile shipments.

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