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Shipping Plows

Find affordable rates for shipping plows using our free, instant freight calculator. Top carriers compete for your business on FreightCenter.

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Why Plows Require Freight Shipping

Plows are used by vehicles and machines to move dirt and snow. In the northern states, snow plows are used every winter. Plows mounted on the front of trucks need special hitches. They are used for removing snow and ice from roads, parking lots and driveways. Airports use large, custom plows to clear its runways, roadways, and terminal docking areas. Plow come in several styles, such as straight blade, v-plow, winged, pusher, utv and skid-steer. When a new or used plow is sold, they must be shipped as freight due to weight and size. Standard parcel carriers cannot ship plows. Freight trucking services offer flexible methods of transporting plows. They move large, heavy items like plows every day.

How Do You Prepare a Plow for Freight Shipping?

Plows are durable and heavy. Plows don’t need a lot of packaging materials for shipping. Placing a plow blade on a pallet for easy mobility is the best way to go. Wrap the blade in shrink wrap to prevent any potential scratches. Secure the blade to the pallet with banding so it doesn’t slide or fall over. Make sure that the plow does not extend beyond the surface are of the pallet at any point, even if it is a point that is not touching the pallet. Also, make sure the plow covers at least 65% of the surface area of the pallet. Using a pallet that is too large can result in extra charges.

How Much Will It Cost to Ship a Plow?

Shipping a plow will depend on a number of variables.
  • “To” and “From” zip codes
  • NMFC (freight class) of the plow – the freight class of a snow plow can range from 77.5 for a vehicle or tractor mount all the way up to 200 for a rotary plow with vehicle mounting on the pallet
  • Any special considerations

How to Compare Freight Shipping Costs From Trusted Carriers When Shipping Plows

Get started determining exact costs by using our online quote tool, which will enable you to compare freight shipping costs and expected in-transit times from multiple carriers. If you know your plow’s packaged weight on the shipping pallet, the tool will calculate the freight class for you.

What if You Need Help?

FreightCenter shipping experts are ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have at 800.716.7608. Or, simply use the free quote tool and we will call you to make sure all the information is correct and there are no surprises. With FreightCenter, shipping plows is easy and affordable.
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