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What is LTL Freight?

June 27, 2022 by Jailin Harris-Putulin
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What is LTL Freight?

Familiar with Less Truck Load (LTL) shipping? It refers to freight shipment that doesn’t require an entire 48 or 53-ft truck. Hence the term “less than truckload.” At the same time, LTL freight can range anywhere from 150 to 10,000 lbs. While many companies need to make smaller, more frequent shipments, are you? If you ship small, LTL is perfect for you!

LTL Freight

How Does Shipping LTL Freight Work? :

Although LTL shipping has many factors that decide how your package will deliver, let’s take a deeper look into them.

  • Destination/Origin – Pick up location and delivery location of your shipment can fluctuate on how your package ships.
  • Packaging Type – Pallets, crates, boxes, etc., are different packaging options for LTL. If you have more packaging questions, visit here.
  • Weight and Dimensions – the measurement of LTL Freight weight includes the packaging and the item(s) shipping off. Measure the dimensions of freight using length, width, and height dimensions.

Additional Types of LTL Shipping:

Expedite – When a shipment needs to deliver quicker than the standard transit times.

Limited Access – For deliveries to sites that have limited access for carriers, such as construction sites, gates, rural areas, high security, etc.

Inside Pickup/Delivery – If the carrier needs to enter the building to collect the freight to load or complete the delivery by bringing it indoors or vice versa, entering indoors to deliver a shipment.

LTL Freight Benefits:

Ecommerce – In an eCommerce-heavy economy, businesses need to ensure their shipping methods line up with the needs of their customers. LTL shipping improves delivery speeds by getting your shipments, inventory, or items to you A.S.A.P.

Security – Most LTL shipments go onto pallets before loading onto a truck. A well-packaged pallet has a better chance of security than multiple, smaller shipments.

Tracking – LTL carriers offer tracking through the bill of lading number, PRO number, PO number, and shipment reference number. This allows you to get a better understanding of delivery times and the security of shipment movement.

Small Business Friendly – LTL allows small businesses to benefit from the services professional shipping provides without having to pay high costs for unused space.

How Does Shipping LTL Save Me Money?

There are many benefits when shipping LTL when it comes to the financial side of it. While shipping LTL allows customers to pay for only the space in the truck that their shipment occupies, LTL shipment rates often go by the density. For instance, if you have many small items transporting, we suggest reducing those items into one freight package, increasing the density. Therefore, lowering your rate.

Occasionally, adjustments to rates occur. This is often due to inaccurate information given to carriers. While booking your shipment, please provide the correct details to avoid this and save money!

LTL Specialized Shipping:

Do you have a package that seems difficult to ship? We can help with that!

White-Glove Service: Everything is taken care of for you. Your items pickup dropoff goes to the locations upon request, which also comes with the packaging and unpackaging services.

Blanket Wrap Freight: Blankets wrap around your fragile, oversized, or difficult items and transport them by a blanket wrap carrier.

Tradeshow Shipping: Tradeshows, expos, and conventions require special arrangements to ensure proper handling and timely delivery.

Military Freight: Projects that require specific paperwork, processes, and pricing, such as special SDDC approvals.

Supply Chain Transactions: Including both input materials and finished products, moving items from origin to destination throughout the supply chain.


Less (than a) Truck Load (LTL) vs. Full Truck Load (FTL)

  •  Freight that does not require the entire space of a truck is known as LTL shipping. Full truckload shipments take up the space of an entire truck.

Parcel vs. LTL

  • If the shipment is greater than 150 lbs, transporting as LTL is a smart move. While smaller, lighter packages should be shipped through the parcel.

What is interlining?

  • Interlining occurs when a carrier is not able to complete the full transit in their coverage area and will transport your shipment to a partnering carrier to complete the remaining distances.

When Should I Request Inside Delivery?

  • Inside delivery is important when the driver of the truck needs to go beyond the loading or unloading dock when either picking up or offloading your shipment. If you did not order inside delivery at booking a pricing adjustment will apply to the original quote.

How FreightCenter Helps With Your LTL Shipment:

FreightCenter provides all customers with many helpful tools. Customers have access to 24/7 rates for all shipments and an assigned agent to help with connection to our partner carriers. Our agents can provide you with the best carrier that fits all your shipping needs and requests. Use FreightCenter’s freight shipping quote tool to begin. For other locations, call our international shipping experts at 844-2127447. Saving money doesn’t have to cost more in the long haul: Let FreightCenter be your “one-stop ship.”

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