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What Types of Freight Shipping Companies Are There?

There are many types of freight shipping companies, including couriers, truck carriers and 3PLs (third party logistics providers). With so many options it gets kind of confusing when trying to find dedicated freight transportation.

If you are a business that relies on a separate company to handle your shipping, you might want to consider using a 3PL like FreightCenter. Moving away from a single carrier 3PL, you can enjoy shipping discounts and a diverse array of services such as final mile, white glove, and guaranteed delivery.

The great advantage of using a 3PL is that they have relations with many different carriers that compete for your business. That way they can offer you the best carrier for the best price for your shipping situation.

Outsource Logistics to Save Money and Time

Outsourcing your logistics to third party freight shipping companies will save you time and money. 3PLs handle all the paperwork and billing. The best of the lot employ expert staff to answer your shipping questions and make sure everything goes as planned.

FreightCenter combines powerful technology with human expertise to provide the best of both worlds, including the ability and resources to scale space and transportation based on your company’s needs.

FreightCenter’s transportation management software (TMS) is a powerful tool used to help customers manager their shipments. See what this technology has to offer.

Carrier Management– Store freight requirements and carrier information securely in a central location and eliminate time spent on repetitive data entry.

Customer & User Management– Manage leads, customers and users in the same system. Cirrus TMS offers a built-in CRM database that houses all shipment activity, historical shipment data and sales information.

Accounting capabilities– Plan, execute and settle transactions with ease. Export shipment history and sales data to your accounting software – like QuickBooks™ – to quickly settle carrier invoices.

Multi-Carrier Rating & Quoting– Rapidly compare multiple freight rates across all modes. Cirrus TMS enables you to analyze LTL rates from SMC3, as well as obtain quotes from truckload carriers.

Transportation Modes– Cirrus TMS will help you plan and execute shipments via any mode, whether you need to move LTL, truckload, parcel, air, ocean, rail or intermodal freight.

Proprietary Technology– There is no hardware to purchase or maintain. Rely on our 99% server up-time guarantee and in-house development team to update and manage the back-end of your freight operations.

Customization– Configure new reports and dashboards – or customize existing ones – and gain insight on customer and user activity, as well as sales metrics that are important to you.

Email & Text Alerts– Stay in constant contact with your customers about the status of their shipments. Cirrus TMS has built in email and text notifications and marketing message capabilities.

Flexible Contract Licensing– Improve productivity and grow your revenue. Get the industry’s most powerful transportation management system with an annual contract and low maintenance requirements

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