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Dry Van Freight

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What Is Dry Van Freight?

The term ‘dry van’ refers to a semi-trailer that’s fully enclosed to protect shipments from outside elements. Dry van freight can include full truckload freight shipping, partial truckload freight shipping and less-than truckload freight shipping. They are designed to carry palletized, boxed or loose freight. Dry vans are not temperature-controlled (like refrigerated “reefer” units) and can’t carry oversized shipments (unlike flatbed trailers).

Without the need for refrigeration, temperature control or any other specialized service, dry van services are the most economical truckload service. Dry van trailers, or box trailers, can be described as a rectangular box on wheels with doors. They are designed to transport equipment and boxes or pallets of cargo.

In the U.S., dry vans, can also be referred to as van trailers, box trailers or semi-trailers. They usually run anywhere from 28 feet in length to 53 feet. Wabash National is a leading trailer manufacturer of dry vans, refrigerated vans, tank trailers, and platforms

Some examples that dry vans are used for are:

1. Moving non-perishable foods and beverages, textile and clothing items, electronics, plastic, and building products.

2. Transporting cars, motorbikes, minibusses, other automobiles, and components of bigger machines like airplanes and ships.

3. Relocating household goods, furniture, electronics, and more during the moving process.

4. Transporting small machinery and equipment in the construction industry to move raw materials from the warehouse to the construction site, or vice versa.


There are always a few setbacks to every type of shipment, but the list is actually very short for dry van shipping:

● There is no temperature control, insulation, or other climate alterations within dry van trailers. This means the dry van is not a proper solution for the goods and products that need to be refrigerated.

● The hardwood floors in most dry van trailers are vulnerable to moisture and condensation buildup that can come from freight or through open doors. This can lead to extra repair or replacement costs, if the trailer takes on damage.

All in all, dry van shipping continues to prove itself as one of the most affordable means of transportation that is able to accommodate both regional and short-haul shipments along with long-haul shipments.

Dry Van Services

With the dry van, you can worry less about the security and safety of your freight. If you’re considering dry van shipping, FreightCenter offers dry van trucking services, including full truckload and LTL shipments. To learn more about dry van freight shipments, click the link in the footer.

Dry Van Is Easy and Affordable With Freightcenter

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