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How to Ship Broccoli

The U.S. is the third largest producer of broccoli in the world. The U.S. produced 1,247,490 tons of broccoli in 2020 with California accounting for roughly 90% of the overall production. Broccoli’s popularity has continued to grow over the last two decades and in 2021 it was voted America’s favorite vegetable according to a Green […]

2020 Freight Industry Issues

The COVID-19 Pandemic has strongly impacted people’s lives, communities, and global supply chains. Alongside the health issues the virus has caused, the Covid-19 pandemic has delayed deliveries at shipping ports. Since the beginning of January 2020, the freight industry underwent issues many industries were not prepared for. Ports are overflowing with cargo as the world […]

How to Ship Pineapples

According to FAO statistics, the worldwide production of pineapples is making them the 11th most cultivated fruit, with over 24.8 million tons. Many banana-producing companies now grow pineapples and use the same transport and distribution networks. Let us walk you through everything you need to know about how to ship pineapples. Where Do Pineapples Ship […]


When is a Shipping Pallet Used? A shipping pallet is a portable platform on which to ship items. It’s used for freight shipping. During transportation, freight needs to be moved from one truck to another. A shipping pallet makes it easy for a forklift, pallet jack, front loader, jacking device, erect crane, and other tools […]

Difference Between a Lowboy and a Flatbed Trailer

When it comes to shipping freight, there are a variety of different trailers to choose from. What trailer you should use will be determined almost primarily by what you are hauling. Two popular trailer options when transporting larger items are lowboy and flatbed trailers. Knowing the difference between these two trailers, as well as when, […]

How To Get An LTL Freight Quote

Getting an LTL freight quote is easy when you use FreightCenter’s instant freight quote tool, but before you plug all your information in, let us walk you through the process. Several factors play into figuring LTL freight quotes, and understanding them will pull a more accurate quote.

A Trucking Term Trio: Headhaul, Backhaul, and Deadhead

Time for a pop quiz, team! In one of our recent “trucking term” blog posts, we laid out lingo popular in freight industry circles, and now we’d like to revisit two Trucking terms and add yet another. Do you remember what backhauls and headhauls are? Extra credit for those who know what a deadhead is. There’s a […]

Echoes of the Past Reverberate With Historic Stagecoach Shipment

Echoes of the Past Reverberate With Historic Stagecoach Shipment When FreightCenter National Account Manager and history buff Sam Jones received a call from a customer who wanted to ship a stagecoach, he was right in his comfort zone. When he received photos of the stagecoach, he had to check out its history.

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