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FreightCenter makes shipping easy and affordable. Get an instant online quote. Save 25%, 50%, 75% or more. Track shipments online.

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How to Save Money & Time Shipping Freight

Our proprietary freight shipping rate calculator enables you to compare the estimated cost and delivery time of multiple carriers at once. Need help? Call a freight shipping expert at 800.716.7608.

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How to Save Even More on Shipping Costs

Shipping From or to a Residence or Home-Based Business? Use the Freight Terminal Instead

Home-based businesses and residences incur additional charges due to limited access and lack of a loading dock. If you are close to the carrier’s terminal, take your item or palletized shipment right to the terminal to save on the first and last leg of travel. Use terminal to terminal services for savings on accessorial charges and extra fees.

Shipping Prep

Consider building custom crates and boxes to save money and keep your shipment safe. Consolidate your shipment to as few pallets as possible. Weights and dimensions determine freight shipping estimates. Keep the dimensions packed tighter and smaller for greater savings potential. Make sure to secure your items to the pallet.

Compare Carriers

Shop for rates from many carriers. Some offer cheaper rates in specific areas or services. FreightCenter makes this easy to do. Just one quote lists multiple carriers at once. Consider their liability coverage. Is it enough? Are you paying for too much?

Be Accurate

The weight and dimensions of your shipment have a big impact on price. Make sure the weight listed on your quote form is as accurate as possible. Remember, total shipping weight must include pallets and packaging. Take the time to measure the height, width and length of your shipment. Know whether the shipments pickup and drop off locations need a lift gate or if a loading dock is available. Any discrepancies can result in costly billing adjustments.

Triple Check

Check for any damages that occurred during transportation immediately after it arrives. Over the road transportation can be rough on improperly packaged goods. FreightCenter will assist you in filing damage claims with the carrier.

Online Shipping Quote

A quote from FreightCenter will have you prepared within moments. You’ll receive some of the best rates the industry can offer. And, you’ll have access to the most reputable carriers. We are very proud of our quoting system. Try it today for free and get an instant quote.

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