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Sea Cargo Container

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What Is a Sea Cargo Container?

What is containerization? For decades containerization has been the back bone of international ocean freight shipping. Sea cargo containers greatly reduce the expense and transit times for international and domestic shipments. Sea cargo container shipping companies move approximately 90% of overseas non-bulk cargo. Containerization also plays a huge role in intermodal shipping. Intermodal shipping is the transportation of freight using rails and trucking. When containers reach ports they need to be dispensed onto other modes of transportation (other ships, rails, or trucks) to reach their final destination. Most are durable closed steel boxes used for dry freight or general purposes, though there are refrigerated sea cargo containers, tank in frame containers used specifically for liquids, and other kinds of specialized containers. Containerization allows shipping companies to transport sea cargo containers without ever having to touch the cargo inside. This greatly reduces the likelihood for harmed or lost freight during transit. Sea cargo containers will be moved directly on to rail carts or trucks and delivered to their destination quickly and efficiently.

How Freightcenter Can Help

Shipping sea cargo container shipments are generally arranged by a freight logistics company like us. FreightCenter can arrange transportation of goods from the point of origin to the final destination. We can handle all modes of transportation required to achieve the delivery of the shipment in the arrange time frame. Cargo container carriers are more limited than LTL carriers and will require a lot of information to arrange the correct method of transport. Let FreightCenter do the work for you! We can help match you with the best carrier fit for your needs. Contact one of our freight agents for help with your container requirement today by calling 800.716.7608. Look Up More Freight Terms
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